100 Positive Affirmations for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Feeling trapped in a relentless cycle of anxiety and panic attacks? 

Believe me, I’ve been there too. It’s like being caught in a storm with no umbrella. But fear not my friend, because I’m here to share a powerful tool that has transformed my life: insanely good affirmations for anxiety and panic attacks. 

Note that these attacks can strike when you least expect them, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and out of control. 

But have you ever wondered what causes these distressing episodes? 

Well, it’s a complex blend of factors. 

Your brain chemistry and genetics may make you more susceptible to anxiety disorders. 

Past traumatic experiences or ongoing stress can also fuel the fire. Even your environment can play a part—major life changes, chronic illness, or a pressure-cooker lifestyle can push you over the edge. 

Remember, though, that everyone’s experience is unique, so pinpointing the exact cause varies. 

But with the right affirmations in place, all these can be put into control. 

And in order to do so, in this blog post, I’ll guide you with some amazing affirmations for panic and anxiety attacks specifically designed to calm your anxious mind and bring you back to a place of peace

Affirmations for Panic Attacks

  1. I am enveloped in a warm, comforting light that shields me from all fear of the world.

  2. I breathe in calm, I breathe out chaos. Each breath is an anchor in this present moment.

  3. As I close my eyes, I visualize tranquility washing over me, dispelling all worries.

  4. I am a powerful being of light and love, unshaken by transient fears.

  5. In the vast universe, I am a beacon of calm, radiating tranquility towards outer space.

  6. I welcome serenity into my heart, locking the door on panic.

  7. Panic is a storm and I am the eye, calm and composed.

  8. I am a vessel of peace. Any panic knocking on my door can’t find a home here.

  9. My anxious attachment style is riding on the waves of panic, surfboard steady, eyes fixed on the horizon of calm.

  10. Within me is an unshakeable peace that my fear cannot penetrate.

  11. I am anchored in the moment, safe from the swirling currents of my panic attacks.

  12. Like a mountain, I stand firm against the winds of fear, unmovable and serene.

  13. I am the sun, shining brightly, dissolving the fog of panic before it can reach me.

  14. With every heartbeat, I am sending a love letter to myself: ‘It’s okay, you are safe.

  15. My spirit is a sacred space where fear has no power to trespass.

  16. I am a lighthouse, standing tall and unswerving in the storm of fear.

  17. My spirit is stronger than any kind of anxiety; it does not flinch in the face of fleeting fears.

  18. My panic attacks are but a gust of wind, and I am the oak tree, deeply rooted in inner calm.

  19. I’m a fearless eagle, soaring above the clouds, eyes focused on the horizon of peace.

  20. I am a river, flowing with ease and grace, refusing to be dammed.

  21. In the symphony of my life, my anxiety is but a faint discordant note, drowned out by my melody of peace.

  22. I embrace the comforting whisper of the universe, ‘All is well, be calm.’

  23. I am the master of my mind, and I choose peace over panic.

  24. My faith is an unbreakable shield that deflects the arrows of panic.

  25. I release my fears into the wind, transforming them into seeds of strength.

  26. Like the moon in the dark sky, my calm shines brightest amidst chaos.

  27. The storm may roar, but my spirit sings a soothing lullaby of tranquility.

  28. My heart beats to the rhythm of serenity, drowning out the noise of anxiety.

  29. Each exhale carries away fear, each inhale brings in peace.

  30. I am the serene lake reflecting the moon, unrippled by the stones of panic.

  31. Fear is a visitor, not a resident. I choose who gets to stay.

  32. The peace within me is stronger than the panic attacks around me.

  33. My spirit is a fortress, impenetrable by the invaders of fear.

  34. I am a safe haven, where fear cannot anchor.

  35. I am the architect of my reality and I build bridges of peace, not walls of anxiety.

  36. I am rooted in the sacred soil of tranquility, no winds of fear can uproot me.

  37. My spirit is a cathedral, resonating with hymns of peace, deafening the cries of nervousness.

  38. My heart is a garden, where seeds of fear wither, but those of peace blossom.

  39. I am the pilot of my soul, steering clear of the turbulence of panic.

  40. My spirit is the sky, expansive and vast, unclouded by fleeting storms of fear.

  41. I am the conductor of my life’s orchestra, striking out the notes of panic, harmonizing with peace.

  42. The echoes of panic cannot reach the deep calm of my soul.

  43. I am a warrior of light, valiantly fighting the shadow of fear with my sword of peace.

  44. Like a butterfly, I gracefully flutter above the nettles of fear, untouched and unscathed.

  45. I am a fortress of tranquility, immune to the sieges of panic.

  46. My spirit is a forest, resilient and adaptable, unwavering in the face of the fires of fear.

  47. Like a diamond, I am unbreakable; the pressure of panic only makes me shine brighter.

  48. I am a sunflower, turning my face towards the sunlight of peace, away from the shadows of fear.

  49. I am the author of my narrative, and my storyline weaves serenity, not panic.

  50. The universe cradles me in its cosmic palm, soothing my fears, whispering, ‘You are stronger than your panic.

Affirmations for Anxiety Attacks

  1. I am open and willing to learn new coping mechanisms that can help me manage my anxiety.

  2. I will allow myself to feel anxious without judgment or criticism.

  3. I choose to focus on my breath and take slow, deep breaths to calm my mind and body.

  4. I am capable of accepting help and support from others when I need it.

  5. I remind myself that anxiety is a normal human experience and that it is okay to feel anxious at times.

  6. I am compassionate towards myself and give myself the same love and care that I would give to a dear friend.

  7. I choose to reframe negative thoughts into positive ones and look for opportunities to learn and grow from my experiences.

  8. I am aware of my triggers and actively work towards avoiding them or reducing their impact on my well-being.

  9. I am grateful for the small things in my life and focus on the present moment.

  10. I choose to prioritize self-care and make time for activities that bring me joy and relaxation.

  11.  I am open to seeking professional help if my anxiety persists or becomes too overwhelming.

  12. I choose to let go of perfectionism and embrace progress over perfection.

  13. I am worthy of pursuing my dreams and aspirations, despite my anxiety.

  14. I choose to approach each day with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and grow.

  15. I am a calm ocean, undisturbed by the surface waves of fear and uncertainty.

  16. Each breath I take sweeps away worry, filling me with harmony and serenity.

  17. The warmth of inner peace melts away my concern, just as the sun melts the morning frost.

  18. Fear is transient, but my spirit’s tranquility is everlasting.

  19. The storms of uncertainty cannot shake my firm grounding in peaceful mindfulness.

  20. I am a beacon of calm, radiating serenity amidst the chaos of anxiety.

  21. In every moment, I choose to feed the dove of peace over the crow of worry.

  22. My spirit is a quiet forest, where the rustle of concern is lost in the whispers of the wind.

  23. As I journey through life, I pack peace in my suitcase and leave my anxiety behind.

  24. The universe and I dance together, moving rhythmically through fleeting moments of worry to the enduring rhythm of calm.

  25. I am the master potter, shaping my thoughts to hold serenity, not fear.

  26. In the garden of my heart, flowers of tranquility bloom, outshining the weeds of concern.

  27. My soul is a peaceful night sky, untouched by the fleeting clouds of unease.

  28. I am a rock standing tall against the fleeting winds of worry, grounded in serenity.

  29. I am the conductor of my thoughts, orchestrating a symphony of peace.

  30. In the canvas of my mind, I paint with colors of serenity, creating a masterpiece of tranquility.

  31. I am a lighthouse, casting a beacon of peace into the fog of worry.

  32. Every breath is an affirmation of calm, dispelling the smoke of concern.

  33. I am a tree rooted in peace, my branches untouched by the winds of uncertainty.

  34. The echoes of unease cannot reach the peaceful sanctuary of my soul.

  35. My spirit is a tranquil meadow, untouched by the shadows of worry.

  36. I am a resilient bamboo, bending but not breaking under the pressure of concern.

  37. The tranquil tide within me rises, washing away the footprints of worry.

  38. My heart is a bird in flight, soaring above the clouds of uncertainty, unburdened by fear.

  39. I am a stream, flowing gently around the rocks of worry, moving towards the river of peace.

  40. The lens through which I view life filters out my anxiety, enhancing the colors of serenity.

  41. My spirit is a quiet library, where peace is studied and worry is left unchecked.

  42. I am the curator of my thoughts, showcasing tranquility and archiving fear.

  43. Like a star, I radiate peace, outshining the darkness of uncertainty.

  44. The compass of my soul always points towards serenity, guiding me through any storm of concern.

  45. I am a shepherd, guiding my thoughts towards the pasture of peace, away from the cliffs of worry.

  46. In the mirror of my mind, I reflect serenity and deflect fear.

  47. The melody of my spirit sings in harmony with peace and drowns out the discordant notes of concern.

  48. My heart is a sanctuary of serenity, where fear finds no refuge.

  49. I am a peaceful warrior, skillfully disarming worry with my weapon of calm.

  50. The universe whispers a lullaby of peace, quieting the noise of uncertainty within me.

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